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March 25, 2008


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Fairwell Honeychild

Why would anyone want to annex in our new Peoples Republic called Longmont? Especially Life Bridge? Wasn't it Karen Benker, our new Mayor-Wannabe that so adamently opposed them? And her Bobblehead troupe with the help of Dung Wray and Progress Action Now Poster Child Jen Gartner who campaigned against them?

Would Mr. Del Vecchio feel welcome in that kind of atmostphere? Get real, Phil.

Former Benker Fan

What? I thought Longmont said "sayonara" on this issue. What kind of game is Longmont playing? I may not be the biggest LifeBridge fan but it's unfair for these people to be jacked around like this. And who is Longmont city council to block Firestone's growth?

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