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March 24, 2008


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Bambi Doe

Gee, Ken, seems like you must agree with the whole Benker crowd on their anti-First Amendment lunacy. Personally, I find the humor kind of fun, taking the yawn out of ordinary reading. You want to yawn? Read the Times Call which for decades has only printed one sided opinion - no factual reporting involved. They print whatever the DL rhetoic of the day is. You want honest reporting? Don't read the Times Call - they don't know how to report - they only regurgitate gossip.

I see nothing wrong with using some humor. Maybe it gets a little too personal at times but so does Kay Fissinger and Duane Lease at council meetings - have you heard the anti-Christian garbage that comes out of their mouths? Is that offensive to you, too, Ken? If so, perhaps we've found some common ground.

It also gets a little personal having our city run by very unprofessional, obviously ignorant people that are causing the failure of our local economy. Your defensiveness on behalf of the council is fine, but don't pretend to be unbiased - you obviously aren't.


What a bunch of crap. Here are a few facts about this "Clean Campaigns" farce, which radical Left liberals like Karen Benker and Richard Juday just LOVE:

1. Funded by George Soros
2. Nearly exclusively used by Liberal Democrats to get elected - guarantees Republicans lose
3. Forces taxpayers to pay for unpopular, liberal campaigns
4. Repealed by citizens statewide, after passed by legislature
5. Overturned by state Supreme Court as unconstitutional


Of course, this is all over-the-top personal bashing instead of honest reporting. I'm a close observer of "gang-of-four" voting behavior and am anti-any type of bloc formation. You, however, seem to be looking past the facts. First, the council voted UNANIMOUSLY to send the letter to Firestone outlining the concern that the two towns should have a separation gap. Second, what Longmont citizen (pro-Lifebridge or not) wants to see US-119 as a continuous developed ribbon all the way between I-25 and Longmont? This was not the vision of the comprehensive plan, approved long before your whipping girl, Karen Benker, was on the council.

It's dangerous when one issue, Lifebridge, can drive this type of venom and put blinders on a seemingly rational and cross-party idea that actually *gasp* benefits Longmont citizens: have a visible buffer between cities! Admit it, you'll never be happy with anything that McCoy and Benker do, and you'll carry this Lifebridge grudge forever.

By the way, the "bloc" has shown some voting diversity lately, not always voting the same on some key issues, like the Twin Peaks Mall development approach.

Robert Sherwin

Does anyone need to prove Dick Cheney has 3 6s on his head? Isn't that already common knowledge?

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