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March 26, 2008


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Unaffiliated and Unincorporated

Sign me up for that mustachio and nose, but please, can you send a few rubber bands as well? The glue bothers my sensitive skin.

What a freak show this council is. I am so glad somebody is paying attention while these people run this city into the ground. Some day, it will be "remember when..." and people will look back on this time like the US under Jimmy Carter in the 1970's - bizarre, depressed and depressing.

Fairwell Honeychild

What a big baby. Grow up Sean and find your kahunas. Had to get our valiant Men in Blue out and further MIS-USE taxpayer dollars to protect you from what, you big baby? Advocates of free speech? Good grief, boy. I think you'd better go find your THOUGHT police elsewhere and bring them in to intimidate people who don't agree with your idiot tactics. I doubt Longmont's finest are gonna pull for those shenanigans again. From what I saw on cable - you SURE had a LOT to fear... OOOOOoooooo. Makes me shudder!

When you go home after your daily grammar lessons this afternoon, and while you're nursing this evening, just think about what a big hypocrite you really are for your comments in this article's video link. Oh yes, that's you in a recent city council meeting talking about the "lunatic fringe" (how dare you talk about your friends that way?) attacking the good name of your sister city Boulder -- and yet, there you find yourself -- a big fat hypocrite engaged in a literal WAR with your sister city of Firestone!!!!!

Before you go to bed tonight, are brushing your teeth and are staring at yourself in the mirror at that crazy Hitler-like moustache, wondering if you should shave it off (YES! You should!!!), just continue to think about how many ways you can count on your fingers (if you can count that high) to stifle free speech. I mean geez, Sean... even you guys got beaten up by the Times Call over that one!

Better go cry to Nanny... or better yet... Paw-Paw about this, now
: ( Waaaah...waaaaaaaaahhhhh...

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