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January 29, 2008


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Fairwell Honeychild

Ding Dong. Anybody home there at the Wray household?

I'm sure MS. Wray - like all the other CLOSET Republicans(cough, cough, exCUSE me), changes her affiliation from R to D to D to R regularly, depending on what her mood ring that she picked up on Pearl Street tells her. Today's she's a CLOSET Republican - tomorrow a liberal Dem - just like her wienie hubby. When you stop laughing about your huge loss, Marilyn, take another look at the numbers and how Longmont WOKE UP to the dirty little business you Dems tried to pull on Longmont. I'm sure that'll sober you up a bit. And, when you sober up, get out that grammar book - maybe Dung (oh! I'm SORRY... did I MISSPELL that??? HA!) will prep you before you publicly embarrass yourself again.

Republican Citizens of Longmont

Marilyn, don't you know not to end a sentance with a preposition or that "ya'all" isn't a word; it's either "you-all" or "y'all" (if you are a Southerner). Please, feel free to stay in that closet of yours as we're doing just fine without you, thank you very much (not that I believe for a second that you are a Republican)!


Marilyn, you have my deepest sympathy if you are in some way related to the hideous Doug Wray. NO ONE made a bigger fool of himself during this entire campaign, not even Duane Leise.

long monster

dear marilyn,
if you are a closeted republican and you married DUNG wray, then you must indeed have a very sad life. i'm sorry you didn't catch my intentional play on your husband's name. more so, i am sorry that you have to defend him and his behavior over the past few weeks. tell him that his notable silence today is... deafening.

Marilyn Wray Proves Liberals Indeed ARE Humorless

I LOVE THIS: "You can't even spell Doug's name correctly..." HAHAHAA This proves liberals have no sense of humor. For Marilyn Wray's edification, and for everyone's funny bone, here's Merriam-Webster to clarify the "misspelling" of "DUNG WRAY":

DUNG: Main Entry:
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English, from Old English; akin to Old Norse "dyngja" (manure pile)
Date: before 12th century
1 : the feces of an animal : manure
2 : something repulsive

marilyn wray

You guys are the biggest goofs I have ever seen. You can't even spell Doug's name correctly. Where did ya'all go to school at? I am still laughing at the last post. You are such babies. Even my 3 year old girls have more common sense than the bunch of you folks. But please, keep writing. It is so entertaining, like watching the 3 stooges or is 4 now that Gabe is in. Parents, keep your little children close at hand. I hear Denny Hastert is coming to town to help Gabe celebrate. I am sure "The Hammer" Delay will be riding in soon, too. I can't stop laughing - sorry. If you spent your time doing something besides writing this silly crap (me included) you might have time to do something worthwhile with your lives. It is because of the likes you folks that I am still a closet Republican. I just can't bring myself to come out of the closet because I am too embarrassed by what I see the Republicans doing and they are too stupid to realize how ridiculous they appear to the rest of the people. Geez, no wonder Colorado is turning blue.

Fairwell Honeychild

Well, well, well... I'll bet a few of those Boulder Liberals (aka Juday, Wray, Gartner, Benker, etc., etc., etc., are out having their morning Alfalfa Sprout Breakfast Smoothie with a couple hefty shots of tequila, all the while licking the poached egg off their faces (below their bandanas). Maybe they can have CREAMED spinach for lunch while they wait to have their BLOWN OUT tires fixed. Then, top it off for dinner with a slice of Humble Pie (although I doubt they'll know what that is).

long monster

TO Dung Wray (I know you are out there)...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Ha! Sorry. BWAAAHAAHAHAHAHAHAAA! Whew! Jeez, can't catch my breath. Heeeheeeheeee...

PS- I'd appreciate it if you'd keep this comment up. Those nancies over at yourhub.com took it down. AAAHHHAHAAAHAHAAHAAHAAAAAA!


this is a great victory for the children.



I wonder if Forrest Gump Hansen still wants his 20% recount? Ha! Imbecilic waste of County Clerk resources.

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