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January 31, 2008


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Unaffiliated and Unincorporated

Doug Wray is a blathering, hateful idiot. I don't have any problem with calling him "Dung" when all he does is trash Marilyn Musgrave.

Brad Jolly

I think the "Dung" and "Dooty" name-calling of Mr. Wray is a bit ridiculous. I certainly do not share Mr. Wray's political beliefs, but I reject the idea that third-grade name-calling is a good way to oppose him.

Mr. Wray is a bright and thoughtful guy, and his ideas deserve bright and thoughtful rebuttal, not silly attacks.

Fairwell Honeychild

Ding Dung. It's kinda sad but I can see now that your inability to spell couples with your inability to comprehend, too. That's probably coz you have the attention span of a peanut. I "dinnit" say Scientologists built churches - you did. I asked you that if we wanted to build a taxable COMMUNITY in YOUR back yard in the Peoples Republic, if you would oppose that, too? Just trying to figure out if you're bigoted only against Christians or if, at least, you're consistent. BTW - You and wife make it over to the Osama - scuze me - Obama rally at DU?


Who IS Fairwell Honeychild? Sounds like a character out of a Mike Myers comedy...? I don't get the reference... Fairchild electronics? Honeychild? Honeywell? I give up. MASTERFUL disguise!


As for Scientology, I dinnit know y'all BUILT churches. Do ya? I'm sure they'd be LOVELY buildings based on what I saw in Battlefield Earth! Lots of glass, very airy.


Finally came to check what the silly comments at the Hunt were all about. (they were quite mystifying)

This is terrifically amusing.

If you seriously consider me a threat... well... (laughs out loud)

I would never hurt you Chris, and I've never had a nickname, so it's really nice that you gave me one.

Thanks guys! I feel like I'm part of the gang! Can I come in the clubhouse now? Huh? Can I?

Hugs all around guys, thanks for the laugh!

Fairwell Honeychild

Dang it Dung... I don't know about others that post here, but I'm a S-C-I-E-N-T-O-L-O-G-I-S-T (I know you can't spell that and your wife might struggle with the pronumciation, so I spelled it out clearly for Y'all - you're very welcome). So, don't go making such grand assumptions about people in the future. I mean I know you're vehemently anti-Christian and all but are you also anti-Scientology, too? Would you oppose us, too, if we wanted to build a Community in Boulder? Even if Tom Cruise lived there in a multi-million dollar mansion that brought in enough property tax to pay your salary for a year? Are you really such a huge Bigot? Can you spell that? B-I-G-O-T.


Hey Dumbass Wray, it's "dialogue", not "dialog". Not everything is a dummy-proof computer program, like the ones you use that have DIALOG boxes.

DIALOGUE, on the other hand, is use of language to communicate back and forth with others, which I realize is a challenge for a retarded hippie.

You and wifey Marilyn are like Jack Sprat and his wife: One can't spell and the other sees spelling errors that aren't there!!!

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