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January 18, 2008


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Angeline Sanford

me too!!

Richard Yale

Dear Editor,

The new elected Quorum to Longmont's City Council rode to town on an anti-developer white horse. They didn't need to be there long until the movement turned to a dark horse. Paving the way, Ms. Benker gave the Key to Longmont to a development consortium far more powerful than Longmont's sovereign Housing Authority. Like old New York Tammany Hall, this developer has access into City process to strongly influence the actions of Longmont Community Development and Longmont Housing Authority.

The money from the economy to control Longmont affordable housing index comes from the 10% rationing of homes for Boulder's working poor who eat, need shelter and multiply. Economic driven migration to Longmont started with the 1976 Danish plan guided the City to restrict the amount of ground available to the free market in order to boost its value. Boulder's manipulation of 90% new housing pushed 56%-60% of Boulders Affordable housing into Longmont between 1990 and 2000.

This economic migration to the North East increased the average drive time to work in 2000 to18 minutes increased Boulder County's carbon footprint another 7 by minutes driving time per vehicle in 3 years times. Meanwhile the volume of driving increased in 36 months by 50%-60% County and City streets. The 800 pound gorilla pushing its weight in Longmont's housing economy is a public entity - Boulder Housing Partners - BHP, the housing authority. What takes this enterprise out of the private market is that a public entity acts as land developer and sells finished lots to the private developers. Who, in turn build the residential and commercial buildings? Bill Clinton justifies government controlling private business because "It's the economy, stupid!"

So the effect of the real change already on City Council is simply replacing private capital fueled developers with government controlled “non-profit developers” such as Thistle to facilitate outsourcing of Boulder’s low income housing to Longmont. Thus Longmont is becoming less competitive with surrounding cities which will mean fewer choices for goods and services, higher prices and taxes. That’s why I am voting for Gabe Santos.

Richard Yale

DJ Abe Vigodacious

I can't believe that Juday's supporters on the city council aren't running for cover. Have you seen the stuff on wrongmont.com?

That guy's got upper management written all over him.

Republican Citizens of Longmont

LOL...classic...DJ Abe, where can I send donations? LOL...

DJ Abe Vigodacious

Juday haiku for Friday

Me? Ted Kaczynski?
NO, but have you all read my
Manifesto? No?

Longmont City scribes
Ignore signs and diatribes
Give money, kisses.

David Krane

the record still exists. And the consequences are legion.

--Juday, be truthful about your opinions, because "IT'S FOR THE CHILDREN!"

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